Activities in US trip

1)     Complete a presentation showing that New York is a world city.

A world city has direct and tangible effects on Globalization

-          A world city has many head offices

-          A world city is the seat of international organizations

-          A world city can be the political capital of a great economic Power

A world city is an important node in the globalization’s flows

-          A world city is well connected with the rest of the world as evidenced by an international airport or train station

-          A world city has educational institutions; e.g., renowned universities, international student attendance, research facilities

-          A world city has famous monuments, buildings and structures that are familiar to people worldwide.

-          A world city is an important market place, from big business to avenues with local shops.


In which way, is New York a world city ? Complete the board with the monument you have taken the photo of.

Head offices

International organization seats

Capital of a great economic Power


Well connected with the rest of the world

Famous monuments, known all around the world

Important Shopping district or market place

Educational institutions

Important trade’s place












2)     Complete a presentation about the trip in French.


You can form a group (no more than 4 persons in a group). You must give your presentation to M. Lamezec in the beginning of December and not after Friday 15th December.